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good god. breaking the u.n. say eighty eight people are now confirmed to have died in israel almost more targets from the air and to step up the offensive. further in expels the top cia spy working in germany after two government employees are accused of passing secrets to the u.s. . so this hour to harvest militants seized nuclear materials in iraq with the government pleading for international help and friend to you really i'm compounds being used in terror attacks.
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are treated to r t international with you around the clock across the globe i mean and only welcome breaking news on r t international the u.n. say eighty eight people have been killed by israeli strikes on gaza since an offensive was launched on tuesday at least eighteen among the dead are children according to local health officials israel has to step up attacks until hamas stops firing rockets onto its territory. if anybody. got. them all and am alive yeah well and that meant that they meant. that it was was. the. was back.
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now at least twenty civilians are among the dead reported by the palestinian health ministry many targets destroyed by israeli missiles have no obvious links to hamas but israel accuses the organization of using civilians as human shields israel's massing troops on the border and twenty thousand reservists have already been mobilized artie's policy or is following the situation. the civilian death toll in gaza continues to climb in a pre-dawn strike on thursday eight members of one family were reportedly killed five of them children according to gaza health officials hof of the casualties are innocent women and children and many of the homes that are being destroyed by these israeli air strikes have no connection whatsoever to hamas officials according to palestinian figures one hundred twenty homes have been destroyed as well as several government buildings now increasingly it does seem as if
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a ground offensive by the israeli defense forces is imminent here when is what we are hearing from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he has ordered an intensification of the assault in gaza israel's intelligence officer has also said and here i'm quoting that we have to take over gaza temporarily he suggested it could be a few weeks until the entire military infrastructure in gaza is destroyed i'm standing on the israel gaza border where the situation is extremely tense silence continually sound here when south israel as well as in the central and sometimes. and northern israel people have been ordered to remain in or nearby bomb shelters now at the same time there are more than fifty israelis who have been admitted to hospital many of them are suffering wounds that they sustained while running to those bomb shelters all are in a state of shock from those sirens the un secretary-general ban ki-moon has condemned the israeli airstrikes he's for restraint he has said that gaza is on my face and that the situation is spiraling out of control pointlessly auti on the
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israel gaza border. for a minute by minute off it's on the rising tensions in the region you can follow paulus leaders twitter accounts. right from the sea. first rate. and i think that you're. on our reporter's twitter. and instagram i. am. on. the head of the u.n. has appealed for a cease fire in gaza and the russian president has also urged israel's prime minister to establish a truce the spiraling tensions were triggered by the killing of three israeli teenagers last month but former irish m.e.p.
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paul murphy believes israel is just using the tragedy to justify its actions. of a murderous assault being pursued bloody israeli establishment you have a completely cynical use over the tragic death of the three israeli teenagers in order to pursue a preexisting agenda which is an imperialist agenda which is opposed to undermining hamas and which points towards anyway and a new ground invasion so it's not a matter of the israeli establishment crying crocodile tears and saying oh well some civilian deaths are inevitable and they're certainly inevitable whenever you have an open air prison complex and then you subject this to hundreds of bombardments with the highest technological level weapons on a daily basis. we cannot speak to israeli defense force spokesperson libby vice who joins me live from jerusalem thank you indeed for joining us over eighty people
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have been killed in gaza among the many civilians including children do you still believe you're doing the right thing in pursuing this offensive. it's very important for me to point out that in no way is our goal to harm the people of gaza this is not an operation in any capacity against the people of gaza this is an operation against hamas against an organization that purposely and specifically uses the civilian population of gaza as human shields at the end of the day it's gaza it is some monster that is putting rocket launchers and rockets storehouses training grounds in the heart of urban areas and our goal being to day is to be able to balance the very important factor of human life in the gaza strip but also target this terror organization. the point is is that you're defending your people but find fully no israelis have been killed by hamas rockets in the last number of days but let's just get some more figures because in gaza at least eighteen
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children died according to local health officials also since two thousand and eight over a thousand civilians were killed in gaza that's right twenty times more than the israeli civilian death toll and also if we look at the total number of palestinian children killed since two thousand there that's five hundred children israel's reaction to rockets fired by hamas measured unjustified there are four. with all due respect i think you're forgetting a very critical number if we're going to be discussing numbers in the past few days israelis five million israelis let's be specific here about the numbers five million israelis a significant portion of this country's population have been living in bomb shelters now as i mentioned before in no way is our goal to harm the people in gaza the civilians of gaza but at the end of the day the quality of life that we have here the routine of life that we have here with five million men women and children living in shelters that is something with which we cannot continue and which no
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other country would accept but that's fair enough but what you're doing is actually harming civilians is certain things you can do to stop the harming the killing of so many innocent civilians. we make unbounded efforts to protect the civilian population in the gaza strip before any attack is taken against hamas we take measures that no other military or no other country takes in the world which include text messages to people in civilian areas phone calls to their homes flyers that are distributed mechanisms such as knocking on the roof to indicate that we are coming these are measures that no one else in the world has ever carried out or that would carry out in a similar situation we do this because if the end of the day then why because i don't anyway yes margaret but why then is the u.n. security general urging israel to show restraint but prime minister netanyahu is vowing to step off the offensive so international colds are simply being ignored aren't they. again i and he calls about international claims really should be
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directed towards the prime minister at the end of the day as a military big been given a very clear mission that mission is to restore quiet to the people that are living in israel and to teach hamas that there is a very very heavy price to pay to committing acts of terror and questions that were guarding these civilian casualties in the gaza strip i believe should also be directed towards the leadership within gaza that actively and purposefully puts its own civilians in in danger but i need to just go back to the point because what is happening though is it's simply not working is it with the amount of civilians being being killed is there something you need to do change your commander change the complete point of strategy to stop so many deaths. our strategy and our attempts are proven at the end of the day we are fighting an enemy that is hiding within and under a civilian population this is a challenge that very few people have to face these days this is the challenge that we are facing and the measures that we are taking are done again with the intention
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and with the goal of not impacting the civilian population and with at the end of the day also bearing a strong blow to hamas is ability but that's ok but israel has hit seven hundred fifty targets in gaza in the last three days ok recent attacks have hit a residential house on a cough a full of football fans watching the world cup finals how is that actually addressing the threat of hamas hamas as i mentioned before specifically uses civilian locations for training grounds for command and control centers for training facilities for a headquarters for their operation and i really with all due respect i think you're forgetting a critical element of this operation we are the five million i was really there are right now living in shelters and it's very confusing to me that there is no attention in any way drawn to the fact that children now instead of going to summer camps are sitting in their shelters they go to bed at night not knowing if they're going to be woken up by their parents will be woken up by the sounds of air raid
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siren threats to a good portion of this country and our responsibility as a military has to defend citizens and residents of this country but let's just talk about the solution because that's what everybody wants here you see we you will continue your operation on till i must stop firing rockets at israel hamas is determined to avenge your airstrikes why not just stop the offensive on the violence for the sake of israelis as well. we have very clear goals here first as was mentioned was to protect the residents of the state of israel until that is accomplished until we see that people can leave their bomb shelters we will not we will not stop but secondly it has become clear to us that terror has a price and that means on a tactical level to destroy their ability to carry out acts of terror and if the government here will decide that we have reached a level which is suitable and which is livable then of course you'll rue respond accordingly. ok libby vice i.d.f.
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spokesperson a very complicated issue we appreciate your time speaking to us today. breaking news this hour the top cia officer in germany has been ordered all rights of the country berlin has responded angrily after two german officials in a week were allegedly revealed to be american spies let's get more from our correspondent peter all over in berlin. this is as a direct result of two recent spy scandals came after an emergency session of the parliamentary committee for control of intelligence and well they said it was down to the refusal of u.s. intelligence services to work with their german counterparts of the back of these two investigations that we've see now this is clearly designed to represent a strong statement to washington not something that there has been accusations here in germany that the german government haven't being doing that they haven't been doing enough there to show strength in the face of spy scandals that have really been emerging almost solidly since the first leaks from edward snowden over
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a year ago but in a statement a government spokesman said this to the german government would continue to work with its partners but that data continued working relationship relied a lot on trust and that there had been trust lost here. i just want to see that if you look at it using common sense in my opinion spine and allies in france is a waste of energy. this of course follows these two scandals that we've seen what involving a an officer of the federal intelligence service remains in custody awaiting trial who was arrested last week and just this week we saw the searching of a the whole and office of an employee of the defense ministry there's no arrests being made there but that inquiry continues so that's the decision that's being made by the germans they've told the representative of the u.s. security services yes the packets bags and leave the country. their latest
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revelations have prompted among politicians germany's finance minister said the stupidity of the alleged spying wants and makes him want to cry excuse me a social democratic party member called watching us spies being exposed on a weekly basis a degrading spectacle on a member of the european parliament sees germany is being treated as if it was america's worst enemy this certainly isn't the first n.s.a. scandal berlin's being involved in let's take a look back at the previous ones. the full scale of the snooping came to light in june last year the agency was shown to have accepted off to huff a billion german data connection to every month a month later it was revealed that german intelligence cooperated with the n.s.a. using the agency's internet monitoring software then in october an international scandal erupted as it was revealed the cell phone of chancellor angela merkel had been top of the end of the year it became clear that the british intelligence
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agency was also eavesdropping on german targets and in february this year it was reported the n.s.a. a top then chancellor gerhard schroeder's phone calls in the run up to the two thousand and three u.s. led invasion of iraq now let's get more on this from know to have a commentator on international affairs thanks for joining us today for so long germany kept quiet about spy scandal following them except for a why has it finally reacted. well schooled germany has a long history of spy scandal a new period of east germany and west germany but this is also nothing new we should didn't mind. in the whole rhetoric of the spying it's all about any means most spying is done between allies not people who are in the know realize that it's not a matter of what they do it's a matter of not getting cold not germany germany in the last decade is
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evolving economically quite well and is. becoming more and more independent of the atlantic umbrella and that is something very important to keep the united states it's not that germany is starting to act all star it is due to the fact that they are going to show in the boundary that the word is that we should not forget that spying it's mainly about economic conditions even if it's now military which bind us because. it's mainly always about economic issues and why they are acting so hard this time and well so far i remain she skeptical it's to retreat into rhetoric they are very harsh and yes and but i have to see what will be happen in the coming weeks let's not forget the last year i when they found that the prime the chance i'm sorry will being spine on a four person cell phone she really just made up was very angry but afterwards
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nothing came of it so for the moment i would say it's mainly rhetoric but the fact they do speak out the public is already points out that something is about to change in the coming future yes but what it will be that's hard to tell her like well that's what i was going to ask do you believe there will be any concrete measures or is it really just window dressing to placate an angry public. i would say that until i feel i'm proven wrong i would say this is me early and window dressing yes but you never know you never know as i told you don't hold matter is that germany is asserting itself on the world as an economic power house and death will give them to strength to also say things to talk back to and united states i think the most that will come from it will be behind closed doors because the debts will what you have since the issues but. only overall in the
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short term especially things will settle down quite well in the coming weeks. if not all the scans come out and that means to me she ok so it's a game of wait and see at the moment it seems know if a new state international first commentator we thank you for your time today thank you more stories ahead for you including a looming blockade in eastern ukraine we report from the council of the two cities preparing for a c.j.'s kiev sends troops to run their remaining hubs of government resistance.
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we speak your language doesn't imply they will not advance. news programs and documentaries and spanish matters to you breaking news a little turn to angles stories. for you here to. ensure the spanish find out more visit.
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twenty minutes into the program welcome back terrorists in northern iraq have seized nuclear substances in the city of mosul by doubt has called on the u.n. to help remove any threat that the hostages material will be used at home or abroad r t twenty france has more for us. what we've learned is that in a letter to the united nations iraq announced insurgents have seized nuclear materials from miles away university according to iraq's u.n. ambassador mohammed ali cam at least forty kilograms of uranium compounds were stored in the university said the materials obtained can be used in manufacturing weapons of mass destruction and warned they could easily be smuggled out of iraq a u.s. government official told reuters news agency the materials are not believed to be enriched uranium and therefore make it difficult to make into a weapon it's also been revealed that islamic state the militants the group formerly known as isis captured a facility on june eleventh thirty five miles southwest of baghdad which was once
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operated by saddam hussein's regime and is believed to contain two thousand five hundred degraded rockets filled with potentially deadly sarin and mustard gas and u.s. officials have downplayed the risk claiming the materials are too old to be useful however given the instability within the country and its proximity to syria this is still a very huge worry. our web team has been putting together a timeline of events in iraq since jihad this began their advance log on to our t.v. dot com for all believe it's healthy. in the u.k. almost a million public sector workers have walked off the job forcing schools and offices to close in the so-called poverty pay strike union leaders to me action may be the biggest in a century the authorities say that has been overestimated teachers and firefighters have joined care workers librarians and other civil servants at picket lines across the country to protest against the stereotypes and government cuts the reports from
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the capital. and the rather rowdy crowd that's gathered behind me is made public that this was despite the typically british summer weather that we're being graysmith today. and of course the overarching theme hand the issue is back to working conditions and the top issue that is about pay now british public sector workers have experienced pay freezes over the past several years and twinge with the ever increasing cost of living well they say that it's just not a living wage that they're getting in the way but a lot of the media focus about today's strike was also on the teaches that of what's out today now the head of day union has said that more and more teachers leaving the profession because of government policies or are just about to retire and michael sr are involved in order to teach. them out of work or teaches
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is just i was very little i mean no work actually expected to shoot the children mentioned zip codes or dishes even a roadie. so badly over the last ten or fifteen use that it's time to do something about it by simply setting an office an office that was right in saying is listen to my kids it too long to know we've got walkouts and protests taking place across the entire countries in towns cities and places as remote as the vial of white now of course the government has said that they're not happy about it they've said that it is completely pointless and extremely destructive a move over the prime minister david cameron has recently pledged to bring in strict new rules that would cause strikes to essential services like this one which of course having spoken to the protesters that have gathered here today they say that that makes them even more angry. the main hubs of
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government resistance in eastern ukraine the cities of the nets are preparing for a siege ukrainian forces are surrounding the two top goals of the self-proclaimed republics after president poroshenko approved a a plan for. military assault on both these are pictures from the small town office to burst near donetsk that has reportedly suffered strikes local militia left saying they didn't want the time to be besieged by forces this reportedly shows ukrainian military vehicles heading to the embattled cities and locals are living in fear as are refinished the reports today again we woke up from very loud sounds of. we are in the city center and the shelling was so close that we were able to hear the launch of the shells and we were also hearing how they were lending the anti government forces continue to shell the ukrainian army's positions in the outskirts of the city with the country's military firing back it happens very often
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that shells land in quite unexpected places in the city center in many residents have already fled the city and people continue to leave people were terrified by promises from key to surround the cities over the next and fears were rising that it could become. a tourist to the center of the operation for months where clashes were very fierce and very deadly but lugansk is a very big city with a population of more than four hundred thousand people while denounced his home to one million people and concerns were rising the consequences of such strategy also will be bigger and deadly. the city of slovyansk the former stronghold of anti-government forces has seen some of the worst attacks laying in ruins and suffering a severe humanitarian crisis it's been turned into a ghost town is the assessment of european monitors. the there was quite a bit of devastation there obviously we were the first international body to get
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into the city there is very well no electricity no water. like a food supplies a.t.m. machines were working and it's basically a ghost town right now more than half the population has a lot of people according to our monitors people there felt very kind of alone and almost abandoned after the break here in our to international could washington's monetary policy trigger the next financial crisis. and then bust. the. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia
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we've got this huge you're covered. fake it till you make it the phrase a similar to our styles notion that acting virtuous will make one virtuous and according to wikipedia it is often recommended as a therapy technique for combating depression in this case the idea is to go through the routines of life as if one were enjoying time despite the fact that initially it feels forced a continuing doing this gets old the happiness becomes real. hello there i marinated this is boom bust and these are some of the stories that we're
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tracking for you today. first up let's call it the everything bubble why because little bit right now everything that is good the fed's a wildly wildly accommodating monetary policy trigger the next world financial crisis we look into it coming right up and then chris martin is on the show the brains behind pick prosperity dot com sat down with walk to discuss his video the crash course which focuses on the very subject financial crisis and in today's big deal edward harris and i are discussing the latest company in some the world of decline it all starts this very moment. with.
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our lead story today the napster. racists and the central banks that are causing it now does the federal reserve's wildly accommodative super low interest rates and bond buying program risk triggering the next world financial crisis the answer yes likely yes so wednesday the federal reserve response released its latest minutes from the june seventeenth and eighteenth open market committee meeting and the minutes show that if the economy progresses as the f o m c expects it will the final reduction of asset purchases will occur following the f.o. emcees of tobar meeting the ultra easy monetary policy being employed by major central banks around the world has created the ultimate bubble and sovereign debt that's the big story that we're running with here now the new york times writes welcome to the everything boom and quite possibly the everything bubble around the world nearly every asset classes expensive by historical standards stocks and bonds .


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